Education & Training

Daghstuhl seminar: Modeling, Veri cation, and Control of Complex Systems for Energy Networks
In cooperation with Schloss Dagstuhl
Dagstuhl Seminar 14441
26-31 October, 2014
Wadern, Germany

ECC13 Tutorial Workshop on Stochastic Hybrid Systems

In cooperation with ETH Zurich, TUDelft and PoliMi
16 July, 2013
Zurich, Switzerland

Hybrid Systems

Politecnico di Milano
Ph.D. Course
8-15 July, 2013
Milan, Italy

EECI-HYCON2 Graduate School on Control: Uncertain Optimization via Sample-Based Approaches
European Embedded Control Institute, HYCON2
21-25 January, 2013
Supelec, France

Autumn School on RigorOus
dependability analysis using model ChecKing techniques for Stochastic (ROCKS)

In cooperation with RWTH Aachen, TU Dresden, UT-DACS Enschede, UT-FMT Enschede, UBwM Munich, RU Nijmegen and UdS Saarbrücken
22-26 October, 2012
Vahrn, Italy

Hybrid Systems

CvO Universität Oldenburg 
Course 2.01.313 
Winter Semester, 2011/2012
Oldenburg, Germany

Lecture Series: Energy Efficiency
CvO Universität Oldenburg Course
Winter Semester, 2011/2012
Oldenburg, Germany

4th International Summer School on Modern Computational Science
In collaboration with Maria Prandini
Summer, 2012 
Oldenburg, Germany

EECI-HYCON2 Graduate School on Control: Randomization in Systems and Control Design

European Embedded Control Institute, HYCON2
13-17 February, 2012
Supelec, France

Advanced Topics in Control: Hybrid Systems

ETH Course 227-0690-02L 
Spring Semester, 2011
Zurich, Switzerland 

Conference on Stochastic Systems Biology
Co-organized by John Lygeros
19-23 July, 2011
Monte Verita, Switzerland

Modeling and Verification of Probabilistic Systems
RWTH Aachen Master Course 
Summer Semester, 2011
Aachen, Germany 

Hybrid Systems
Politecnico di Milani PhD Course 
16-21 June, 2011
Milano, Italy

Workshop on Hybrid Autonomous Systems
ETAPS 2011 
26 March - 3 April, 2011
Saarbrucken, Germany

Modeling and Control of Hybrid Systems
TUD Course SC4160
Semester 2, Quarter 3
Delft, The Netherlands

Workshop on Formal Methods for Aerospace
14 December, 2010
Atlanta, Georgia, USA



VeriSiMPL Toolbox
Verification via biSimulations of Max-Plus-Linear models. This toolbox is used to generate finite abstractions of autonomous and nonautonomous Max-Plus-Linear (MPL) models over R^n. Alessandro Abate & Dieky Adzkiya (TU Delft).